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Camp Cadet 2018 will be held from

Sunday, August 12, 2018, through Saturday, August 18, 2018

Camp Cadet is held at Camp Manatawny in Douglassville, Berks Co. 

What is Camp Cadet like?
• Each day begins with reveille and ends with retreat formation. Cadets awaken early and prepare their quarters for inspection.
• Cadets participate in morning physical training and march in platoon formations to their classes and activities under the watchful eyes of police instructors.
• Cadets participate in a wide variety of instructional sessions. They learn about the use of police radar, fingerprinting, forensic photography, drug prevention, SCUBA & rescue operations, and juvenile law. In addition to State Police, Municipal Police, and Military Personnel, past instructors have included: F.B.I., Secret Service, Berks County Correctional Officers, D.E.A., I.N.S., and many more.
• An active day for Cadets is highlighted by an exciting array of recreational activities and team sports.
• The Camp supplies the Cadets with 3 well-balanced meals per day.

Why police oriented?
• The purpose of camp is to provide youth with a positive growth experience within the framework of a “mini” police academy structure.
• The Camp Cadet philosophy is embodied in the motto:
Growth Through Discipline – Achievement Through Teamwork – Pride Through Respect.
• Camp Cadet stresses instruction in law enforcement topics, safety, and physical training. Other activities include swimming, marksmanship, horseback riding, volleyball, and softball.
• All camp activities are supervised by a counseling staff of State Police and Municipal Police Officers, and personnel from various branches of the US Military.
• Cadets are supervised by the Counselors 24 hours a day.
• Other than a “Family Emergency”, Cadets have no contact with home for the week.

How are Cadets selected?
• Camp Cadet is for Boys and Girls between 12-15 years of age.
• Every effort is made to accommodate all interested applicants. If applicants number more than the available camp spaces, applicants will be accepted based on their age and willingness to attend camp.
• Requirements for attendance at the Camp Cadet Program include:
Applicant must reside in Berks, Lebanon, or Schuylkill counties.
Applicant can not have attended Camp a previous year.
Applicant must complete an interview with Camp Staff, prior to being accepted to Camp.
Applicant must have a medical waiver signed by His/Her physician prior to Camp.
Applicant must have the desire to participate in all physical activities at Camp.

What does Camp Cadet cost?
• Camp Cadet has a $100 non-refundable registration fee, payable at time of interview if Applicant is accepted to camp. The camp is supported by contributions from corporations, civic and service organizations, and the public.






President: Kurt Katzenmoyer
Vice-President: Roger Heins
Barry Haydt
Secretary: Mary Kelley